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Licence in Kabbalah

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Modules of "Licence in Kabbalah" (Bachelor's Degree in Kabbalah)


This certification in Kabbalah constitutes the next level of the degrees in Kabbalah. This step will allow you to deepen little known practical aspects of Kabbalah and Christian Kabbalah.

The "Licence in Kabbalah" is composed of 5 modules, one of which is free.

You can register for the four paid modules independently or subscribe to these modules in one registration (see below for this).
The free modules must be subscribed individually.

You must have completed all five modules to receive your diploma.

1st Module: Numbers letters and divine names

2nd Module: Magical Kabbalah and waves of form 
3rd Module: Kabbalistic Study of Genesis
4th Module: Kabbalistic Practices

5th Module: Philosophers of Nature (free)

PLEASE, note tthat the following modules are still in French and will be offered in English sometimes this year 2024.

Modules individuels de la Licence de Kabbale

cles du royaume resized.jpg

Les clés du royaume
Licence en Kabbale 
Module 1

Bac Kabbale mod 00 crs 01.jpg

Magical Kabbalah and Form Waves
Bachelor's Degree in Kabbalah 
Unit 2

Etude kabbalistique de la Genèse
Licence en Kabbale 
Module 3

Pratiques kabbalistiques
Licence en Kabbale 
Module 4

Portae Lucis
Bachelor's Degree
in Kabbalah 
Module 5

Ensemble des modules
de la Licence de Kabbale

Licence de Kabbale



Délivré par l'Ordre Kabablistique de la Rose-Croix

Ensemble des 5 modules de la licence

Module 1 : Les clés du royaume

Module 2 : La Kabbale magique

Module 3 : Etude kabbalistique de la Genèse

Module 4 : Pratiques kabablistiques

Module 5 : Portae Lucis

Accès au groupe privé "Licence de Kabbale"

ensemble de 5 modules

This training is under the supervision of

Jean-Louis de Biasi, 9th Ill. Grand Patriarch R+C

jl debiasi 2018-19 website.jpg

Students from Africa or wishing to pay in another way

It is possible to pay for this training and other subscriptions from Africa by a very simple method explained on a specific page. Please click here to view this page.

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