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Jean Brouillet

(1880 - ?)

7th Ill. G.P. R+C of the O.K.R.C.

Born on July 17, 1880 in Agen (France), Jean Brouillet was ordained priest on October 6, 1935 by Bishop Mgr. Giraud. When the latter died, Brouillet became his successor.

He manifested psychic powers (clairvoyance and healing) which could be observed by many.

As a priest in Bordeaux from 1936 to 1960, he was sentenced to death by the Militia, but was saved by the arrival of the allies’ armies liberating France from the German occupation.

Although discreet about the esoteric inheritance received and preserved as secret patrimony, he manifested it regularly and symbolically. For example, every year he celebrated the Christmas Mass by wearing around his neck the symbol of the Unknown Superior, dating back to Jean Bricaud and probably further in the lineage of the Grand Patriarchs.

This stole, as well as other relics, was given by Bishop Patrick Truchemotte to the current Grand Patriarch Rose-Cross Jean-Louis Biasi during a private Martinist ceremony.

Patrick Truchemotte

8th Ill. G.P. R+C of the O.K.R.C.

Born in February 24, 1929 in Bordeaux, Truchemotte was the student and assistant of Jean Brouillet until his death. He was appointed Patriarch of the Gallican Catholic Church, where his work built a strong favorable reputation remaining to this day.

He kept with discretion and fidelity all the spiritual deposits received from his predecessors.


This deeply honest man practiced magnetism and homeopathy until his death in 1986.

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