Members of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross are present in the following countries:

Angola, Argentine, Barhein, Belgique, Benin, Brazil (+ Internet in Portugais), Cameroon, Canada, Chili, Congo R.D., Congo-Brazzaville, Ivory Coast, France, Greece, Haïti, Italie, Luxembourg, Senegal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA
English Internet Chapter (An international Chapter meets on the Internet for studies and rituals in English and Portuguese).

You can find in bold the countries where Chapters are established. This is listed is often updated.

Lumière céleste de l'Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose-Croix

Individual, Online classes

The United States and English speaking countries represents a vast part of the world. For this reason, the Order develops a different way to learn our tradition, join the Order and eventually being initiated. This organization is very close to the original organization of the Rose-Cross, today associated with modern ways of communication.


Online teachings using videos and audio are available. The training lasts an average of three months with online webinars. They practice several techniques from Hebrew and Christian Kabbalah and are prepared for the two initiations (Preliminary Degree S.I. and 1st degree) that takes place during 2 live online meetings. These initiations can be also performed in a Chapter of the Order in the following weeks or months. If the student lives close to a Chapter he can just attend a physical initiation. Physical initiations are received when a student manifest his wish for participating to a physical Chapter. 

Following these ceremonies, the sisters and brothers can be associated to the monthly online meetings with discussions, teachings, and spiritual practices. You can learn more about this process by clicking here.

Local Structures - Chapters

Local groups of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross are called Chapters.

These Chapters are local structure authorized by the Order allowing initiates who live in the same area to meet physically and perform ritual work.

A Chapter is managed by five main officers who are appointed for a specific number of years.

A participation to such structure is not required to be initiated and progress in the degrees.

International and National Structures


-- The leading authority of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross is called the Supreme Council of the Rose+Cross (S.C.R+C). It is composed of twelve Patriarchs Rose-Cross (six of whom always remain secret). The Order is managed by the illustrious Grand Patriarch Rose-Cross (Jean-Louis de Biasi) assisted by the Illustrious Grand Chancellor and the Illustrious Grand Prior. The Supreme Council of the Rose+Cross governs the whole Order, the initiatic and legislative aspects.

- Grand Councillors can be nominated to be in charge of a Country, a group of countries or a linguistic population. In this case, they ensure the operation of the Order through good communication between the initiates, the Chapters and the Supreme Council of the Rose+Cross.


- The National Grand Councillors oversee a country which has more than three Chapters.

- The sisters and brothers having been “Knight Rose-Cross,” constitute a national circle having functions and rituals of their own. 


- A Chapter is headed by five main officers who are appointed for a specific number of years.

- The “Knight Rose-Cross” is the Officer in charge of a Chapter. He or she and two other officers of the Chapter receive a specific ritual of consecration related to their function.