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Archconfraternity of


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It is worth remembering that some Christian churches use keys that belong to ancient pre-Christian traditions. Even small churches more focused on esotericism do not know the secret keys of inner activation of the powers coming from Ieschouah.

On the other hand, most Martinist groups have tarnished the name of Ieschouah by making it a pure symbol. The transmission of the occult and magical Kabbalah is something else. It alone makes it possible to receive the inner consecration, giving the powers necessary for the celebration of the mystical and religious rites of Ieschouah. The true Christian Kabbalah is hidden here. It is only revealed and offered to a small number of people who have recognized the signs and move toward their salvation.

Through its five steps, the Archconfraternity of Ieschouah uses spiritual practices associating devotion, visualization, specific diets and periods of solitude, as well as occult processes hitherto ignored by modern groups. It is in the silence of monasteries that one can find aspects of these inner techniques. They have been gradually reorganized in their original form to allow a real inner transformation that is individually practiced in secret by the brothers and sisters in their personal oratory.

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