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Kabbalistic Practices

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Course “Kabbalistic practices”


With this course you will:

  • Learn the energetic techniques considered fundamental for advancement in Kabbalistic initiation

  • Discover original methods of thought control

  • Associate the divine rhythm with your daily life

  • Understanding how mantras relate to Kabbalistic practice

  • Discover how to change your life with simple and extremely effective practices.

This degree module in Kabbalah includes 8 courses.

Excerpt from the course summary

Human Aura Exercises
The usefulness of aura perception
Ocular convergence on the third eye
The power of the human mind
Technique of calling on the forces
The cosmic bank


Psychic development
Rhythmic swinging technique
Mental exercise associated with swinging
Rhythm and periods
Alternating rotation


Practices of divine ecstasy

Rhythmic breathing
The swing of the elephant
The great light
The Phoenic technique
Mixing thoughts - phosphenes
Visions by fixing the details of the phosphene
Perception of the subtle body and splitting
Clairvoyance and prophecy through the observation of the visual “Tohu – Bohu”
Phosphenes and telepathy
The setting of the sun
The divine rhythm
Practice of alternating
Effects of alternative hearing
Mysticism and alternation of hemispheres
Rhythmic thought, original cosmic force
Application of divine rhythm to our daily life
Cosmic rhythm and studies

Initiatory techniques

The initiatory technique of static contractions
Practice of the static contraction technique
Initiatory technique of ocular convergence


Sacred Word Practices
The whip of the mind
The mental exercise combines
The power of the mantra
Major oppositions
Middle term the spiral
Om, the sacred mantra
Hieroglyphic analysis of the mantra "Om"
Sounds and colors1
Physical correspondence of the sacred mantra Om
Rhythmic pronunciation of om
Fusion of o and m by the yod
Breathing and visualization of the sacred mantra

From mantra to sacred rhythm
The circle and the square
Mantras and analog resonance
The power of sounds and mantras
The sacred mantra om
The power of incantation
The importance of the name
The initiate's name, a spiritual symbol
The importance of the sixth and twelfth second rhythms
How to do sixth-of-a-second thinking

The principles of power
The principle of mentalism
The principle of correspondence
The principle of vibration
The principle of polarity
The principle of rhythm
The principle of cause and effect
The gender principle
The unlimited powers of your subconscious
Communicating with your subconscious
Tame your subconscious
Learn the magic of visualization
Visualization that heals
Learn to visualize yourself
How to use the powers of the subconscious for your benefit

Heal the body and mind
The great art of correct thinking
To be, to do, and to have
Disease, its cause and cure
Helps heal illnesses by restoring harmony
Deep relaxation, harmonization of body and mind
Self-healing through harmonization of body and mind
Liberating meditation

Pratiques Kabbalistiques



Valid until canceled

Cette formation est placée sous la supervision de

Jean-Louis de Biasi, 9e Ill. Grand Patriarche R+C

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Étudiants d'Afrique ou souhaitant payer d'une autre façon

Il est possible de payer cette formation et les autres souscriptions depuis l'Afrique par une méthode très simple expliquée sur une page spécifique. Veuillez cliquer ici pour afficher cette page.

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