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OKR+C Private Studies
Main Curriculum

The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix is an initiatory organization which knew how to preserve intact the Tradition Rose-Croix of the origins.
This is why we are proud to offer spiritual and psychic development practices, both in our distance learning and in our Chapters.
We are also proud to offer our sisters and brothers high quality private lessons, using the most modern technologies.

Exemple de cours de l'Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose-Croix

Curriculummain of the Kabbalistic Orderof the Rose-Croix

Over the past years, the lessons that make up the curriculum have undergone changes closely linked to technological development.

Formerly transmitted only to initiates in the form of printed booklets, they were then offered in the form of a pdf document sent by email, then presented on the website. Today the presentation that you will find here mostly combines audio files, videos and sometimes downloadable written documents.

Preliminary degrees

1) Forecourt

Composed of 3 series of 12 lessons.

(Recommended study time: 12 months/series)

2) Threshold

Composed of 3 series of 12 lessons.

(Recommended study time: 12 months/series)

Chapter Degrees

3) 1st Degree

Composed of 3 series of 12 lessons.

(Recommended study time: 12 months/series)

3) 2nd Degree

Composed of 3 series of 12 lessons.

(Recommended study time: 12 months/series)

3) 3rd Degree

Composed of 3 series of 12 lessons.

(Recommended study time: 12 months/series)

Grand Chapter Degrees

Composed of series of 12 lessons

Content of the private lessons

For us, the transmission of a valuable Initiatory Tradition cannot be reduced to a few pages of reduced format containing almost insignificant practices.
We are in the 21st century! We are no longer in a time when we could offer printed booklets containing pseudo-scientific or historical explanations that no one could then verify.
On the contrary, the teachings of the OKRC are systematically based on irrefutable documents, facts and theurgic practices validated by Tradition and its Masters.
All practices are designed for home use.

Know that you will not have to wait 20 years to access these advanced elements. This is why the teachings clearly address the techniques of psychic development.
You will be able to deepen the different aspects of gnosis, theology, kabbalah and other advanced aspects of the Western tradition.
We believe that all of these should be put in your hands at the earliest. Indeed the conditions of our modern era justify it and we believe that you are able to understand how it works. These practices are also a means of purification through regular contact with the Egregore of the Order.

Each lesson is intended to be studied in one month in order to allow you to assimilate its teaching, accomplish the meditations and the practices.

Each notebook can contain one or more of the following categories:

  • Study of traditional sciences and occultism

  • Spiritual and religious traditions

  • Theology

  • Meditations, practices

  • Excerpt from philosophic in relation to the subjects treated

Course language

The original language of the courses is French.

Some languages such as Portuguese have been translated by members of the Order.

Other languages such as English have partial human translations, while most are automatically translated by Google. Although not perfect, the evolution of technology now makes it possible to achieve a very satisfactory level of clarity.

Please note that the ritual texts of initiation and the proposed practices are always translated by Officers of the Order and have been subject to multiple revisions.

If the automatic translation of the texts is not automatic on your browser and the courses are displayed in French, you just have to click with the right button of your mouse and ask to translate into your language. Once activated the translation will be automatic.

Each course is directly available on this website and is immediately accessible to you as soon as you register.

Private lessons are immediately accessible on this website

The private lessons are directly accessible on this website. You can read them from any type of computer, tablet, or mobile phone. As long as you are connected to the internet, they will be with you, wherever you are.

Request your initiation into the Order

Registration for a private course of the Order grants the status of active member of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix. As an active member, you can ask to be initiated into one of the Chapters of the Order or during a private session organized by the Order.

You will find a form and administrative information in the private section.

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