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The Celestial Chivalry

Everyone has his own image of medieval knights. This real caste, made up of nobles bearing arms, was made famous by the epic tales composed in medieval times. The troubadours and poets writing these fantastic and symbolic tales incorporated fundamental elements of the Western esoteric tradition.

We see in these stories the birth of a kind of moral chivalry, placing spiritual ideals above physical combat. The search for the Grail is the best-known symbolic story and represents one of the essential aspects of our tradition.
Some groups see this as the legacy of the Order of the Temple, which is false. Although this Order had individuals who could be called initiates, the Order by itself has never been an esoteric Order.

Through his training, our Ill. Grand Patriarch Rose-Cross has received many teachings from Templar groups that have disappeared today. They were associated with the traditional dubbing. This complete inheritance was gradually integrated into the initial body of the Order, to offer each initiate the most complete keys of Christian esotericism. Despite his opposition to Papus and certain doctrinal religious confusions, Josephin Péladan’s initiative should be seen in the same context; this is why his ritual and doctrinal works are today taught in the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross.
Now, it is important to mention that this spiritual chivalry, this search for the Grail, can become celestial only under one condition: the initiate must develop in himself the so-called “chivalrous moral values” which will enable him to advance toward the divine vision. Although simple, they are an absolutely essential part of the training provided by the Order. Values such as courtesy, honesty and respect for the word given and humility are all aspects that the initiate will have to demonstrate to his initiators to be able to claim higher revelations.

It is at this moment that the keys transmitted by the troubadours of the South of France to the knights will be progressively revealed, and the mysterious rose garden will reveal its mysteries to the initiate.

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