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Baccalaureate of Kabbalah

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Modules of Baccalaureate of Kabbalah


This Kabbalah certification is the foundation of your study. Whether you already have some knowledge of Kabbalah or not, this step will allow you to acquire a solid foundation.

The Bac en Kabbalah is made up of 4 modules, two of which are free.

Each module contains questions about the courses that allow you to obtain the Bachelor's degree in Kabbalah.
You can register for both paid modules independently or subscribe to both modules in one registration (see below for this).
Free modules must be subscribed individually.

You must have completed all 4 to receive your diploma.
1st Module: The Essentials of Kabbalah

2nd Module: Initiatory Cabbalism
3rd Module: Esoteric Tarot
4th Module: Portae Lucis

Essential of Kabbalah
Bac. in Kabbalah 
Module 1

Initiatory Cabbalism
Bac. in Kabbalah
Module 2

The Esoteric Tarot
Bac. in Kabbalah
Module 3

Portae Lucis
Bac. in Kabbalah
Module 4

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4 modules

This training is under the supervision of

Jean-Louis de Biasi, 9th Ill. Grand Patriarch R+C

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Students from Africa or wishing to pay in another way

It is possible to pay for this training and other subscriptions from Africa by a very simple method explained on a specific page. Please click here to view this page.

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