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Purification and Protection Week

Supervised by Jean-Louis de Biasi, Ill. GPR+C. OKR+C

A few years ago, the Archconfraternity of Ieschouah began to unveil an esoteric process rarely offered. Everyone who has started this journey has immediately felt the power and authenticity of these spiritual practices. Those who are more advanced in the Archconfraternity know that the Christian esoteric tradition manifests itself powerfully in the Archconfraternity of Ieschouah. The latter is one of the few to possess the keys allowing access to this other reality.

What is unveiled here and experienced during this proposed week is fully part of this approach. The inner secret practices of this period have not been taught for a long time, outside of very closed circles. It is even rarer to be able to receive this teaching directly from a Grand Patriarch of the Order.
It is to this highly spiritual and occult journey that you are invited! 


For 7 days, you will be ritually placed under the protection of Ieschouah. During this period, you will work daily according to a precise rule and rigorous exercises to purify yourself internally and externally. This procedure was organized by Ill. Grand Patriarch R+C. This intense inner work will lead to contact with the power of Ieschouah, establishing real personal protection. 

Who is this week of purification and protection for?

This week is for any man or woman, adult, sincere, wishing to invoke the power of Ieschouah to purify themselves and establish real individual protection.


Description of the week

The entire procedure, which takes place over eight days, is immediately accessible on this website.

The ill. GPR+C Jean-Louis de Biasi recorded several hours on video giving you all the instructions and lessons related to this secret and mystical procedure.

Daily audio recordings will guide you through deeply transformative guided meditations.

Two recorded ceremonies form the heart of this unique work. They will allow you to participate in the invocations of the invisible powers of tradition and of Master Ieschouah.

THE  special ritual of the last day will validate your purification process.   Then personal protection will be established and sealed by the presence and power of Ieschouah

Personal benefits derived from this asceticism

- Realization of this work of interior alchemy transmitted by the Grand Patriarch Rose-Croix Jean-Louis de Biasi.

- Communication of the complete procedure of the esoteric and secret practices of purification and protection, hitherto transmitted only to a very small number.

- Initiation to the precise stages of the interior work of purification and protection by the power of Ieschouah.

- Increased control over your desires and emotions.

- Increase in your level of consciousness and spiritual perception.

- Transformation of your inner being and by repercussion of your immediate environment.

- Establishment of effective and lasting personal protection under the auspices of Ieschouah.

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Sources of practices

The practices used in this retreat come from the most traditional sources. From Coptic monasteries to the practices of certain Catholic monastic orders, you will learn techniques such as invocative prayers, mantras, visualizations, sacred language, ritual gestures, specific diets, lucid dreams, etc.

This spiritual retreat includes

- Two teaching and practice sessions in video and audio.

- A set of 6 private recordings for each of the days, followed by individual reports validated by the Ill. GPR+C Jean-Louis de Biasi.

- Immediate access to the private area containing the recordings and practical documents provided.

- Practice and doctrinal documents related to Ieschouah accessible on this private space.

- A personal certificate validating this training, bearing the signature of Ill. GPR+C Jean-Louis de Biasi as well as the dates and seals of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix.

Requirements for this week

It is fitting that you have a Yeschouah Rosary, a Yeschouah Medal and the Book of Ieschouah Imitation. If you do not have them yet, you can order them on the Theurgia website (

You can get them easily from the course itself.



Dominique N.

The dominant feeling is that of having found an authentic spiritual path allowing one to discover very effective spiritual practices.

Martial H.

This week was an upheaval from beginning to end, with an apotheosis beyond my expectations: the Rose-Croix.

This brought me an enrichment of knowledge, an inner peace.
I would recommend without hesitation to do the training.


Benoit R.

I feel a new strength and a strengthened determination, the desire to love God even more. I recommend doing this retreat without hesitation.

Do not hesitate, enter into this deep dimension of your soul through communion with Ieschouah. You came out of it grown and transformed.

Kuasse S.

A great intense period, I still feel the effects today. 
I have the impression of having been able to communicate with Ieschouah because my heart continues to sing the prayers and orations internally.

Ieschouah - Purification et protection



Supervisé par Jean-Louis de Biasi Ill. GPR+C. de l'OKR+C

Valid until canceled

Deux séances d’enseignement et de pratique en vidéo et aud

Un ensemble de 6 enregistrements privés pour chacun des jour

Un accès immédiat à l'espace privé contenant les enregistrem

Documents de pratique et doctrinaux liés à Ieschouah accessi

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About Jean-Louis de Biasi, 9th Ill. Grand Patriarch R+C

Jean-Louis de Biasi is a published author, lecturer, philosopher, and yoga teacher who has studied spirituality since the 1970s. He was initiated at the highest level of several Western initiatory traditions. He is also the Grand Master of the Aurum Solis. He received all the Martinist lineages and was initiated to the highest degree of the Elus-Cohen. At the end of the 1980s, he was ordained in the Gallican Church and the Gnostic Church. He consecrated the former Grand Master of the Aurum Solis giving him his apostolic successions and consecrated him Martinist to him the rank of Unknown Superior SII.

Jean-Louis de Biasi was initiated into Freemasonry and became Worshipful Master in 1992. He was also initiated into the highest degrees of the Scottish Rite in the United States and Mason of the Royal Arch. Before joining American Freemasonry, he received the highest degrees of European Freemasonry, including the degrees of Egyptian Freemasonry (33°-95°-AA). 
He is now a member of the United Grand Lodge of England.

In December 2004 he moved to Canada and in 2010 to the United States. He now lives in Las Vegas, NV.
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