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Kabbalistic Study of Genesis

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Course “Kabbalistic study of Genesis”

With this course you will:

  • Discover one of the most important texts of Kabbalah, Genesis, in a unique approach

  • Discover the analysis of each original word of the text through its roots, numbers, correspondences, etc.

  • Discover the hidden language and the esoteric level of the text finally revealed in its entirety

  • Follow the esoteric translation of the text and understand its implications on human nature

  • Understand the implications of this esoteric meaning on our destiny and our post-mortem future

This degree module in Kabbalah includes 17 courses.

About the course

All of the courses analyze in depth and on an esoteric level the first ten chapters of Genesis based on its original Hebrew text.

Without a doubt, anyone studying this analysis and accessing the hidden meaning sees their vision of the world and of life profoundly changed. This is characteristic of one of the stages of Kabbalistic initiation.

You can find an excerpt from the course below.

Note that to preserve the Hebrew characters, the course is accessible in image format in a precise and rapid display.

Page excerpt from course 2

Etude kabbalistique de la Genèse



Valid until canceled

Cette formation est placée sous la supervision de

Jean-Louis de Biasi, 9e Ill. Grand Patriarche R+C

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Étudiants d'Afrique ou souhaitant payer d'une autre façon

Il est possible de payer cette formation et les autres souscriptions depuis l'Afrique par une méthode très simple expliquée sur une page spécifique. Veuillez cliquer ici pour afficher cette page.

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