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Our Heritage

Throughout its history, the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross has incorporated the most important heritages linked to the esoteric Gnostic and Christian traditions. This inheritance could have remained a mere immobile conservatory.

Under the leadership of its current Grand Patriarch R+C, our tradition has revitalized the various components that make it a unique example within the Western world.

Whether it is original Gnosticism, Chivalry, the Rose-Cross, the Kabbalah or Martinism, the most respectable and authentic filiations have been gathered in our Order. They are therefore practiced and conferred on the initiate during his initiatory journey.

Gnosticism is an important heretical movement of the Christian church that occurred during the second century. It is partly of pre-Christian origin. Several Gnostic schools have taught that the material world was created and is directed by a minor divine emanation of the highest God, the demiurge, enclosing the divine spark in the human body.

It is common today to state that Kabbalah corresponds to a group of esoteric Jewish texts that were composed in Spain, the South of France and Provence during the Middle Ages. It is from there that specific schools of Kabbalah emerged and continued to flourish.

Everyone has his own image of medieval knights. This real caste, made up of nobles bearing arms, was made famous by the epic tales composed in medieval times.

The troubadours and poets writing these fantastic and symbolic tales incorporated fundamental elements of the Western esoteric tradition.

The Archconfraternity of Ieschouah is a group of men and women who have received this occult transmission of Christian mystics, the inner sacraments of the religious lineage of the Christian Kabbalah, who have placed themselves under the high protection of Ieschouah. It is not necessary to already be a member of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross to join the Archconfraternity of Ieschouah.

Maybe you already heard that the Rose-Cross tradition came from ancient Egypt. It takes only a few seconds of research to discover that this statement is historically false. Among countless archaeological publications, none reveal elements that can justify this kind of fantasy. One must be cautious about groups that have based their core on such a claim.

It is therefore essential to present undeniable historical elements on which you can rely to better understand this fascinating tradition.

A few months after creating the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross, more than 80 years after the death of Saint Martin, Papus and Chaboseau, both Grand Officers of the Order, discovered they had received a consecration dating back to the famous theosophist.

Papus was one of the great figures of neo-occultism. His countless books present occult abilities, the invisible powers of Nature and how to use them.

Occultism affirms the existence of energies called “fluids” that manifest an invisible world within the visible world, seeking analogies and correspondences between visible and invisible, but also between various beings.

Most of the Grand Patriarchs of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross were consecrated Christian Priests in indisputable apostolic successions. Some of them were in charge of religious communities for a number of years.

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