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Work in a Chapter

Presentation of a Chapter

A Chapter is a local grouping of initiated members of the Order. These meet in a place specially prepared for the practice of private rites.
A Chapter is led by initiates bearing the name of Officers. Five are required to form a Chapter. The latter is headed by a Knight Rose-Croix, appointed for a specific duration.

The three main Officers receive a consecration and an initiation specific to their initiatory role. It is fundamental that those who transmit initiation and practices have received real spiritual authority. The latter stems directly from an occult chain of transmission as is the case traditionally. These Officers are also initiates with experience recognized by the hierarchy of the Order. This trains them for their task and regularly ensures that the rituals are properly practiced.


The Work in a Chapter

A Chapter has the role of transmitting ritual initiations, oral teachings, and psychic practices. 

We have described the different degrees of the initiatory journey on another page. These initiations are transmitted during private ceremonies, taking place in the temple of the Chapter. 

Ritual meetings are organized regularly at all levels. They bring together the sisters and brothers who have received the initiation of this degree.

Usually, a monthly meeting works in the first degree, while a second meeting is held alternately in the second and third degree. Therefore, first degree initiates meet once a month, while second and third degree initiates meet twice a month.
A degree meeting includes an opening and closing ritual directly related to the corresponding initiation. No administrative discussions are allowed in the sacred space of the temple. 

Between these two ritual sequences, symbolic and spiritual studies are offered to initiates. Practices are transmitted orally by the Knight Rose-Croix and practiced immediately in groups in the temple. It is an essential and fundamental element. These practices are directly related to the initiation of the degree and can then be used individually.

These characteristics make the work in a Chapter a means of deepening the initiation received. This procedure allows each initiate to continue his personal work of improvement and to become capable of transforming his life through the use of the practical keys received. Although intellectual learning is useful, only such internal work is capable of rapidly leading to real individual evolution.


Creation of a Chapter


Chapters are regularly created to give members the opportunity to receive initiations, psychic practices and oral teachings. To be able to create a Chapter, it suffices to be a member of the Order and to receive the initiation within an existing Chapter.

This creation follows a simple and traditional procedure, according to the indications transmitted by the hierarchy of the Order.

Internet Chapter


An Internet Chapter allows remote members to meet monthly and practice spiritual techniques of the Order. It is possible to be a member of a local Chapter and also of the Internet Chapter.  Meetings are organized by Grand Officers and Officers of the Order and offered in French, English and Portuguese.

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