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Archconfraternity of


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The Archconfraternity of Ieschouah is a group of men and women who have received the hidden transmission of Christian mystics, the inner sacraments of the religious lineage of Christian Kabbalah, and who have placed themselves under the high protection of Ieschouah.

What is the Archconfraternity of Ieschouah?

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The sacred name of Ieschouah was revealed by Christian Kabbalists of the Renaissance and became the heart of spiritual and esoteric practices that are part of the religious lineage of the Patriarchs Rose-Cross.


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Brothers and Sisters of the Archconfraternity use individual practices taught individually and generally taking place over periods of 40 days.
This mystical journey has the potential to deeply transform and improve your existence.


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Periods of community retreat regularly bring together brothers and sisters of the Archconfraternity for private teachings and practices of Christian Kabbalah.


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This medal was discovered in Rome and is called the “campo dei fieri medal.” It is worn by all the members of the Archconfraternity, generally during their devotional practices.

Medal of Ieschouah

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Brothers and Sisters of the Archconfraternity do not live outside the world. They practice a rigorous asceticism while continuing to live according to the occult principles received on the material and spiritual levels.
Through their work, they participate in the progress and the enlightenment of society.

Life in the world

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The Archconfraternity is present in several countries of the world. Groups of brothers and sisters gather on certain occasions to celebrate, pray, and participate in retreats.

Presence of the Archconfraternity