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What is the Archconfraternity of Ieschouah?

The heart of Christian Kabbalah is the revelation of the nature and role of Ieschouah. The Archconfraternity is an integral part of the initiatory journey within the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross. You can read more by clicking here.

Is there a link between O.K.R.C. and A.M.O.R.C.?

None; they are two totally independent and distinct structures.

The O.K.R.C. was founded in 1888 and A.M.O.R.C. in 1915, 27 years later.

Despite what some might say, the O.K.R.C. has never been "absorbed" or "integrated" into A.M.O.R.C. Such a statement, obviously without proof, would be a manifest bad faith.

The best way to realize this is simply to note that the O.K.R.C. has remained faithful to the original teachings, practices, and rituals. This is why the O.K.R.C. practices initiations and rites that are clearly Kabbalistic, theurgic, and Gnostic.

It is possible to be a member of both orders as long as the utmost confidentiality regarding the ritual, teachings, and names of brothers and sisters members of the order is maintained.


Is my Martinist initiation as "Superieur Inconnu" recognized by the O.K.R.C.?

The Order recognizes as valid the S.I. initiations received regularly in the most known Orders. It is sufficient to request a copy of the corresponding diploma.

However, the Order uses a specific and original S.I. rite. The O.K.R.C. invites the new brother or sister to experience this deeply theurgic rite. This also allows confirming their moral commitment and ritually formalizing their entry into the Order.


Who can apply?

Any man or woman who has reached the age of majority, regardless of their origin, if they are motivated by a genuine desire to improve themselves and undertake the work of inner realization, making them capable of understanding and loving their fellow human beings, the universe, and the divine world.


How to combat the ego?

The OKRC addresses sincere seekers who wish to develop spiritually through theurgical rituals and initiations.

We believe that honesty and the willingness to set your ego aside are two fundamental aspects of any initiatory quest.

That’s why we leave "office politics," "power struggles," and "false secrets" to those who benefit from them.

If you're looking to collect additional medals or diplomas, you don't need to register here.

If, on the contrary, you want to avoid "chatter" and start a true initiatory path, then you are in the right place!


What about lineages?

If they ask you how many parents you have, what do you say? Two? You would be right.

So, you might wonder why some groups feel the need to present dozens and dozens of pages of affiliations to prove that their Order is legitimate? One must not be sure of what one is to do that!

It is easy to understand what a lineage is: it’s the ritual reception of the spiritual authority of a Tradition. As for the OKRC that we present on these pages, the lineage is simple and direct. To summarize: Stanislas de Guaita, Bricaud, us.

For more details, you will find them in the history with other components such as Martinism, etc.


What is the purpose of an initiatory order?

A number of Orders try to present you with a nice social facade: statements to the youth, to the citizens of the planet, ecology, etc.

It's interesting, but ask yourself the following question: is this really what you expect from an initiatory order?

The answer is clear: no!

Why? Because an initiatory order has a simple and unavoidable duty: it must convey an initiation based on powerful rituals followed by effective psychic practices.

Therefore, it's not the place to show that this tradition can be useful to society.

An authentic initiation must first and foremost be useful to you! The rest will come naturally and gradually.

Do you want to spend your life being swept away by sweet soporific meditations or dare to rise as true initiates immersed in strength and light? ...

We think the answer is simple and that you find yourself in the OKRC, the first Order to have never deviated from its primary objective!


What is the relationship between initiation and science?

Throughout the 20th century, the Rose-Cross often approached science.

Our questions are simple: is it justified? Is it useful? The answer to both questions is no.


The ancient Rose-Cross of the 18th century were very interested in alchemy, astrology, philosophy, etc. Perhaps even some were what we would call scientists today.

This does not mean that the Rose-Cross bring something to science! It simply means that the scientific minds of that time were interested in the ancient traditions of which the Rose-Cross are a part.

For this reason, this approach is not justified. Remember, we are talking about initiatory tradition! ...

Useful? ...

Today, sciences and technologies are highly advanced! Does the Rose-Cross tradition bring something to science? No!


Because science deals with the question "how" (how does it work?) while initiation deals with the question "why" (why do we live?).

Science and technology are so complex today that it is evident that we cannot be satisfied with pseudo-scientific improvisation.

Therefore, one thing is important: do not waste time studying non-initiatory fields to focus on the essential: your true psychic and spiritual training.


What is Martinist initiation?

Martinism is integrated into the original Rose-Cross tradition that we represent.

Later, for reasons specific to that era, Papus gave it an independent life structured on the three degrees of Freemasonry.

Nowadays, there are so many existing Martinist orders that you would spend several hours listing them. As soon as that is done, new orders would have been created.

Why is that?

Because someone made a wonderful invention that inflates the Ego: Free Initiator!

Louis Claude de Saint Martin had created a single initiation: S.I.

Papus divided it into three steps, three initiations. Later, he added a fourth consecration, that of S.I.I. (Superior Unknown Initiator).

But that was not enough for the ambition of the majority.

After World War II, another consecration was created - S.I.I.L (Free Superior Unknown Initiator). Any individual who obtained this diploma could then freely create whatever they desired. Today, we see where this has often led: to an exaltation of the Ego hidden under a speech of humility...

The OKRC has remained faithful to its origins and to Saint Martin: a single S.I. initiation prior to the specific degrees of the Order...


What is the Martinist doctrine?

The desire to study the Martinist doctrine is commendable. It is part of the Western tradition. However, if you want to be faithful to Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, you would need to study the philosophical (theosophical) books he wrote, the Bible, and theology. This takes time, is difficult, and often monotonous.

That's why most Martinist orders have added a set of things that do not belong to Martinism: astrology, Kabbalah, magical rites, etc.

The position of the OKRC is simple: keep the heart of the doctrine which is simple to explain, and retain only the original initiation.

For the subjects mentioned above and which are not part of the Martinist doctrine, they are taught and practiced in the degrees of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross.


In summary, what is the Rose-Cross Order?

Let's state things clearly and directly:

  • The Rose-Cross never existed in Egypt;

  • The Rose-Cross have nothing to do with the Templars;

  • The Rose-Cross were not Cathars;

  • The Rose-Cross are not angelic envoys from Tibet or other places.

However, it is undeniable that:

  • The Rose-Cross Order appeared in the 18th century in the works of Valentin Andrea;

  • The Rose-Cross Order developed in a Judeo-Christian environment;

  • The Rose-Cross were early associated with alchemy, magic, and astrology;

  • The symbols of the Rose-Cross Order have given rise to various degrees of Freemasonry.

Can you become a Rose-Cross?

Despite what you may hear or read, it is possible!

A Rose-Cross (not a Rosicrucian) is someone who:

  • Has received different levels of Tradition through authentic theurgical rites;

  • Has pursued genuine psychic training over their years of formation.

  • Has become capable of using the unsuspected potentials of their being in an undeniable way;

  • Has manifested in every aspect of their life the moral commitments linked to their initiation.

This status is not a miracle but results from genuine training carried out by initiates concerned only with this magical work of awakening their human brothers and sisters.

This is one of the essential objectives of the OKRC!

Do you accept children?


To become an initiate of the OKRC or even to sign up for the correspondence course, you must be an adult.

The fact that the parents are initiated into the Order does not change this condition. There are no children's groups linked, indirectly or otherwise, to the Order.


How to end your membership in the OKRC?

The process for leaving the Order is the same as in many other groups. You must send a resignation letter to the Order's secretariat.

There is no inactive member status in the OKRC.


What is a Chapter of the OKRC?

A "Chapter" is a term used to designate a group composed of initiated members of the Order meeting in a determined location.

It is within a Chapter that initiations are transmitted and spiritual practices take place.


How to open a Chapter?

If there is not yet a Chapter in your city, region, or country, you can indicate your desire to open such a structure. For this, seven initial members are sufficient.


Is the Kabbalistic Order of the Rosy Cross a religious organization?

If we consider that a religious order teaches its members the way to develop a relationship with the Divine Powers and the Cosmos, then the OKRC is religious. However, the OKRC is not a dogmatic order.

It should be noted that the Archconfraternity of Ieschouah is a branch of the Order more focused on the sacerdotal Mysteries of Christian Kabbalah.


Does the OKRC support a particular political regime?

No! The Kabbalistic Order of the Rosy Cross affirms that absolute freedom of conscience and respect for the human being are fundamental values. We fully recognize the values of the Order in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, any dictatorial political regime is contrary to our principles.


Does the OKRC involve particular moral principles?

Yes! The first key principle is: "Do what you love, but do no harm!"

This rule is simple and applies as follows: When you have something to do, imagine that everyone does the same thing. Would it be good and positive or negative for you and the world in general? You will thus know what is right.

In the meantime, we remind you here that some values are essential for us: goodwill, brotherhood, seriousness, hard work, loyalty, honesty, and politeness.

All these principles are taught in the first preliminary degree Martinist of Superior Unknown.


What is the Kabbalah?

The Kabbalah is an esoteric Hebrew current based on the first five books of the Torah. Christian scholars of the Renaissance created from Jewish Kabbalah a Christian Kabbalah that applies Jewish Kabbalistic methods to the revelations of their religion.

What is the Archconfraternity of Arbatel?

The Archconfraternity of Arbatel is a universal group comprised of those who have received the complete communication of the 7 Olympic spirits through the intermediary of planetary protective screens, astral consecration according to the traditional procedure, and integrated into the spiritual chain of the Archconfraternity.


Origin of the Archconfraternity of Arbatel

The archival fringe of various magical communications received by the Grand Patriarch Rose-Cross, which have been activated to meet the needs of our time.

These hidden communications have nothing to do with what can be found in public books and that may circulate in printed or digital form. It requires possessing the knowledge of tracing signals according to hidden rules transmitted orally from one master to another.


Organization of the Archconfraternity of Arbatel

The Archconfraternity of Arbatel consists of 8 secret circles.

The Illustrious Grand Patriarch Rose-Cross of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross directly administers the functioning of the Archconfraternity and the transmissions.

Once your entry into the Archconfraternity is validated, you will receive the first hand-drawn moon talisman on real Egyptian papyrus. It bears the sacred magical seals of the Olympic spirits of this planet, various glyphs associated with its magical personality, and its name written in hieratic script. All this will be associated with your birth date. This personal pentacle is consecrated with incense and Egyptian magical oil.

This papyrus will be sent with your first circle archconfraternity card, your official diploma of the Archconfraternity of Arbatel, as well as instructions for receiving astral communication and the activation of the talisman in your aura.

To learn more about the powers of Archconfraternity members and start your progression through the 8 circles, you can write to the secretariat of the Kabbalistic Rose-Cross Order, which will send you a document containing more details about the Archconfraternity and the procedure to finalize your request.

If you are reading this page, it means you are ready to take a decisive step in the First Circle of Arbatel.

You can write to us for more information.

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