Since the 18th century, the South of France has been an important region on the spiritual and occult level. It was the birthplace of famous religious movements coming from Gnosticism, such as the Masonic High Degrees, Rose-Cross, and Kabbalistic schools. This region has remained a major place for several Western initiatic organizations. It has also gained a central status in the collective imagination, far beyond France itself. Remember, for example, the enigma of Rennes le Château and the “Priory of Sion,” which occurred in the region of Razès. Gnostic, Kabbalistic, Alchemical, and magical traditions have always been important in this region. It was not until the 19th century that occult groups in Paris were formed from their contacts with these original sources of the Western tradition.

This is where the tradition of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross comes from!

Created in 1888, it is the first Rose-Cross Order to have existed in the modern era.

A number of groups were later created trying to copy this original light. Often imitated, never equaled, the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross today continues to offer a real theurgic initiation and teachings of exceptional quality.

If you have a real desire to discover the heart of the Rose-Cross tradition and transform your life through an authentic initiatory journey, the simple thing to do is to discover this website and raise the veil of the sacred mysteries. You will quickly understand that the original source always has more efficiency than later creations.

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