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Baccalaureate of Kabbalah

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Baccalaureate of Kabbalah


You must have completed all 4 modules to receive your diploma.
1st Module: The Essentials of Kabbalah

2nd Module: Initiatory Cabbalism
3rd Module: Esoteric Tarot
4th Module: Portae Lucis

The Esoteric Tarot



Valid until canceled

The esoteric tarot

Module 3 of the Baccalaureate in Kabbalah 
offered by the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix

This module has 12 lessons.

With course you will:
- Study the entire Tarot (Major and Minor Arcana) and its relationship with Kabbalah
- Learn the symbolism, numbers and concordances of each of the traditional cards.
- Learn the principles and rhythms of divination
- Understand the divinatory meanings of each of the mysteries.
- Experience the Tarot on the schemhamphorash.

Excerpt from the course outline:
- The Initiatory path of the West
- Cabbalism, key to the esoteric teaching of Egypt
- The Tarot in relation to Hermeticism
- The Tarot Key in the Sacred Name
- Study of the major arcana (symbolism, numerology, meaning, concordance, divination)
- The three agents in divination by the Tarot
- Rhythms in divination
- The significance of the Temples in divination
- The Solar Series and the Lunar Series
-Studies of the Tarot temples and the minor arcana (symbolism, numerology, meaning, concordance, divination)
- Genies and their talismanic use
- Etc.

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This training is under the supervision of

Jean-Louis de Biasi, 9th Ill. Grand Patriarch R+C

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Students from Africa or wishing to pay in another way

It is possible to pay for this training and other subscriptions from Africa by a very simple method explained on a specific page. Please click here to view this page.

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