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This talisman provides of the Moon purification and cleansing. It allows you to receive messages during your sleep and intensify your prophetic dreams.
It develops intuition.
It makes it possible to unlock a frozen situation and start a business under good influences.

Power of the talisman
The power of this talisman is amplified by several factors:
– The precision of the magical seals and signatures, 
– The specific color according the Theurgic and Hermetic Traditions,
– The possibility to wear it with the chain provided,
– Its consecration in two steps: Ointment and activation on the Glorious Star

How to use it
After the individual blessing, just wear this medal. If you have other medals, choose to wear this during the specific day of Mars, or during a full cycle of the moon. During the night you can place the medal close to your bed.

Talisman of the Moon

  • Enameled Medal – Diameter 3 cm (1-1/4″).

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