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Jean-Louis de Biasi

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9th Ill. G.P. R+C de l'O.K.R.C.


Jean-Louis de Biasi is an author, lecturer and philosopher who has studied the different subjects of spirituality since the 1970s and has been initiated at the highest levels of several Western initiatic traditions. He is also the Grand Master of Aurum Solis. He received all the Martinist lineages and was initiated to the highest degree of the Elu-Cohen. He was ordained in the Gallican Church and the Gnostic Church. He ordained the former Grand Master of the Aurum Solis according to his apostolic successions and consecrated him Martinist by transmitting to him the degree of Unknown Superior SII.

He was initiated in Freemasonry and received Master status in 1992. He was also initiated to the High Degrees of the Scottish Rite (32 ° Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.), and Mason of the Royal Arch. Before joining American Freemasonry, he received the highest degrees of European Freemasonry, including the degrees of Egyptian Freemasonry (33°-95°-AA).He was also received into the Druidic tradition in the 80s in France.

In December 2004, he moved to Canada and in 2010 to the United States. He now lives in Las Vegas.

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