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Forecourt Part 1


Each notebook can contain one or more of the following categories:

  • Study of traditional sciences and occultism

  • Spiritual traditions and rreligious

  • Theology

  • Meditations, practices

  • Excerpt from philosophic in relation to the subjects treated


This part contains a series of 12 lessons.

(Recommended study time: One lesson per month, i.e. 12 months)

Excerpt from the summary:

The Guardian of the Threshold
What is esotericism?

What is initiation?    
The symbolism of the Rosicrucians and the Rose
The art of meditation

The descent of the soul

Enlightenment Theory
General considerations on initiation
Protection and visualization 
Tradition or Kabbalah
Look at archemy
What is magnetism?

Christian mysticism and esotericism

The interpenetration of worlds

astral light
Hermeticism and religion
The esoteric tradition

Symbolism of numbers (1 - 4)
Earth Aura Recharge

The Den of the Nymphs 

Apollonius of Tyana

Religious and initiatory asceticism
The technique of anamnesis

Forecourt - Part 1


Active member of the OKRC + Course Forecourt Part 1

Also includes:

Status of active member of the O.K.R+C

International community of the O.K.R+C

Private groups and forums

Option to request your initiation

Private newsletter

Note :

We strongly encourage students to study the system in the order described in the main curriculum, and concentrating on in-depth study of one lesson per month, in order to fully absorb the material presented in each lesson.

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