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3rd Part


Each notebook can contain one or more of the following categories:

  • Study of traditional sciences and occultism

  • Spiritual and religious traditions

  • Theology

  • Meditations, practices

  • Excerpt from philosophic in relation to the subjects treated


This part contains a series of 12 lessons.

(Recommended study time: One lesson per month, i.e. 12 months)

Excerpt from the summary:

The skin and the psychic sense of taste and smell

Western Monastic Orders (continued)


The sun

Military and hospital orders

The moon, astrology and the use of energies

Pic de la Mirandola, the 12 rules for spiritual warfare 

Symbolism and action of the center, point, line and heart

Perfumes, plants and acupuncture

Star and magic polygons

The Insider's Diet

Alchemical vocabulary

The extension of life

The green flame

1st Degree - Part 3


Active member of the OKRC + 1st Degree - Part 3

Also includes:

Status of active member of the O.K.R+C

International community of the O.K.R+C

Private groups and forums

Option to request your initiation

Private newsletter

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