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1st Part


Each notebook can contain one or more of the following categories:

  • Study of traditional sciences and occultism

  • Spiritual and religious traditions

  • Theology

  • Meditations, practices

  • Excerpt from philosophic in relation to the subjects treated


This part contains a series of 12 lessons.

(Recommended study time: One lesson per month, i.e. 12 months)

Excerpt from the summary:

Agrippa of Nettensheim
The mystery of spiritual healings
Alchemical Art and Literature

Esoteric blossoming of the Spirit and passive meditation
medicine mantra

Dante and the mysteries

Esoteric hatching of the soul

From Beth-El to Beth-lehem

Alchemy and religious texts

Esoteric Outbreak of the Soul

The child God at the foot of the pyramids and the Temple
Creation According to Genesis

Esoteric blossoming of the physical body

The symbolism of stone and metals
Three cosmic symbols: The circle, the sphere, the spiral

The Order of Modern Templars by Fabre Palaprat
The primordial state and the symbolism of the tree
The creation of man: androgyny and the separation of the sexes
Byzantine mysticism

1st Degree - Part 1


Active member of the OKRC + 1st Degree - Part 1

Also includes:

Status of active member of the O.K.R+C

International community of the O.K.R+C

Private groups and forums

Option to request your initiation

Private newsletter

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