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Threshold Part 2


Each notebook can contain one or more of the following categories:

  • Study of traditional sciences and occultism

  • Spiritual and religious traditions

  • Theology

  • Meditations, practices

  • Excerpt from philosophic in relation to the subjects treated


This part contains a series of 12 lessons.

(Recommended study time: One lesson per month, i.e. 12 months)

Excerpt from the summary:

Archangel Michael

The symbolism of the twelve tribes of Israel

Gnosis: Hyppolite and the Sethians, the origin of the world, Myths about the origin of the world, Valentin, Ptolemy, Letters to Flora, the Carpocratians

Treatise on Astral Travel (continued)

Esotericism and exotericism – the egregore

Manifestations of Tradition – Agartha

Autogenic training


The alchemical symbolism

Tales & Legends

Practical part - Treatise on astral travel - continued

Relaxation & Meditation

Chivalry and the Grail


The fundamental characteristics of alchemy

The Man of Desire, the Man-Spirit and the Great Spiritual Work

The notion of demiurge in Christian esotericism

Excerpt from Goethe's Green Serpent

Threshold - Part 2


Active member of the OKRC + Course Threshold - Part 2

Also includes:

Status of active member of the O.K.R+C

International community of the O.K.R+C

Private groups and forums

Option to request your initiation

Private newsletter

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