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It can be used in the Ritual of the 9 choirs of Archangels provided in the book mentioned below.

This Prayer Beads is a great tool to accomplish a real Theurgic and Kabbalistic ascension and union with the choirs of archangels. Helped by the contact with the celestial hierarchies this ascent will increase the intensity of your energy.

This Prayer Beads has been described in the book “The Magical Use of the Prayer Beads” by Jean-Louis de Biasi. Please go to the blog for more information about the book.


This prayer beads is composed of 27 beads. 

Prayer beads of the Archangels

  • Made of black onyx and cornelian beads. The size is approximately 17″ (36 cm) circumference. The beads color may vary as well as the space beads.
    It is provided in the beautiful pouch of Theurgia.

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