Jean-Louis de Biasi is an author, lecturer, and philosopher. 

As published author, he is member of the "National Writers Union" and of the "International Federation of Journalists." 

He was born in southwestern France and has an ancestral connection to Italy via his paternal family. This leads him to his passion for the Western and Mediterranean initiatory and religious traditions, and, almost inevitably, to a deepening interest in the various spiritual currents which have been passed down to us from antiquity.

J.L. de Biasi is committed to reconcile the requirements of critical reason with traditional and historical teachings, and the practical work those involve. His didactic analysis makes it possible for anyone to easily understand the operation of each of these fields. The author coordinates various teachings and workshops internationally.

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Boletim de Notícias

O Boletim de Notícias é uma ótima maneira de se manter informado sobre as últimas notícias proventant a Ordem cabalística dos Rosacruzes.

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